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16 July 2010


Google search results for "Howard DAVIES resigns" [over this and another similar case of exam rigging]:


1. This is an application to swear an Affidavit for an Originating Summons by me, the Plaintiff, Robert HO Chong, NRIC S0197974D, a Singapore citizen born on 11.10.1950 and thus 59 years old, against Her Majesty's Government of Britain, to be served on its Representative, the British High Commission in Singapore.

2. The facts of my complaint are:

I. On 07.07.2010 18:32:09 hours, my son HO Wei Wen, used internet Instant Messaging to message me that he obtained ONLY a Merit in his Masters examination in the London School of Economics. This surprised both of us AS THROUGHOUT HIS ENTIRE ACADEMIC CAREER FROM PRIMARY 1 ON, WHENEVER HE SAT FOR AN EXAM, IT WAS NOT A MATTER OF HOW MANY MARKS HE COULD SCORE BUT RATHER, HOW MANY MARKS FROM THE MAXIMUM 100 HE WOULD DROP. USUALLY NOT MORE THAN 10-15 OR SO.

II. As proof of this statement, in his last examination for First Degree ECONOMICS at the same London School of Economics 3 years ago, he obtained First Class Honours With Outstanding Merit. The marks he scored in that First Degree, contrasted with the current marks for Masters now in contention, are in the [sole] Exhibit submitted together with this Affidavit.

III. My son went to an undistinguished neighbourhood Primary School for Primary 1 and was Second In Stardard until Primary 3 when he won a place in the Gifted Education Programme in the premier Nanyang Primary School for the GEP from Primary 4 to 6. After his Primary School Leaving Examination, which results are also a matter of contention, he joined Anglo-Chinese [Independent] Secondary School's GEP. Here, he scored 5 Academic Awards in 4 years, including 9 A1s at O Level and Top Student for Year 2000, GEP.

3. Thus, he could not have gotten results that were, for him, low. Namely, a Merit instead of the Distinction, possibly even Top Student.

4. All these may seem suppositional but not when in the context of what has been happening to me and my family in the last 17 years. I have witnesses who will testify under oath as to all these seemingly suppositional premises.

5. Leaving aside the witnesses I can call, I have conducted a series of actions that pretty much prove my case. These are mostly in the Exhibit, which is a printed version of my internet website, which has the internet address:

and which can be found simply by using Google search engine and typing in the search term “I came, I saw, I solved it”.

6. The next day after my son's instant message, I began my actions. I first emailed a group of British tabloid newspapers to directly accuse the London School of Economics of falsifying my son's exam grades, with the headline:

Subject: London School of Economics exam grades scandal re paying foreign Masters student

These were emailed to several London tabloids, knowing these would not forego a chance of muckraking such an explosive, juicy scandal and the chance of a scoop, undoubtedly the scoop of a lifetime since my allegations were of criminal conduct in the highest echelons of the political establishments. UNLESS THESE TABLOIDS ARE INTIMIDATED OR BRIBED, OTHERWISE. Strangely enough, these tabloids DID forego the chance to cover themselves in glory and the exercise of their craft and profession. These first series of tabloids are:


7. After receiving not a single reply, I began more actions of a similar nature to prove to the world, through my website, on which I posted all these actions blow by blow. Please refer to my Exhibit to see the escalating email campaign I conducted, all to prove that each time I emailed a new group of email recipients, they would be persuaded, even intimidated or bribed, to ignore my emails. Soon, I had emailed almost all the tabloids, small as well medium sized ones, selling newspapers in London. I deliberately left out the major newspapers because I know these are close to the political establishments and cannot be counted on to tell the truths when these are politically, nationally, inconvenient. Truth is a rare commodity everywhere, even in the highest offices in Fleet Street.

8. Please refer to my Exhibit for the list of email recipients for my email of Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 12:34PM. By that email, I had emailed practically all the London tabloids, online news medias, even a few odd organisations. Every time I emailed out this 'mass' email, I get some mostly automated replies signifying that the intended recipients have indeed received my emails. Thus, by 11 July 2010, I was repeatedly emailing, in a snowballing fashion, these London newspapers:

 "" ,, "" ,,,,,,, "" , "" ,,, "" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

9. More importantly, by this date, I had escalated my complaint of gross injustice all the way to the Prime Minister of Britain, Mr David CAMERON, at his official residence at 10 Downing Street, using his official web Form. So my snowballing email headline read:

Subject: Official complaints emailed to PM David CAMERON at 10 Downing Street using his web form

10. I have proof of his office having received my complaint. Please refer to my Exhibit, which is a paper version of my electronic internet webpage. [Some days later, when I tried to email Mr David CAMERON again to follow up on my earlier complaint, again using his web FORM, I was unsuccessful all 7 times, because each time I clicked on “Submit”, after carefully checking every field in the Form, the Form would revert to a blank Form, strangely, WITHOUT ANY OF THE USUAL ERROR MESSAGE that would indicate anything in the fields was amiss or wrongly filled in, which is impossible since it is an exceedingly simple Form and I have much experience doing web forms.

11. I then escalated my email campaign to Look For British Legal Advice to sue some of the said parties. This constituted a TOTALLY NEW DEVELOPMENT, A STEP INTO LEGAL PROCEEDINGS, NOT JUST EMAILING NEWSPAPERS. I started by emailing the top officials of the British Bar Council asking for advice and whether any lawyer would take my case. These officials are:

"" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" 

These are all eminent personages steeped in the deepest traditions of proud British legal and justice systems. NO REPLY. This was getting curiouser and curiouser. One might have expected that the newspapers I emailed to may have shunned publicity!!! and therefore deigned to investigate my very serious allegations, or to simply lift up the phone to make a few phone calls to determine the truth of the matter. But when lawyers do the same, the coincidence is too much to believe. If Truth is a rare commodity in Fleet Street, could Honour also be equally rare in the hallowed Halls of Justice in Britain? Are the British in such decline that they cannot afford such 'niceties' any more, and resign themselves to the grim and grubby? I hope not. At this moment, I still hope there are still sparks of Honour, Integrity, Truth, and all the good things we have in Confucius. Let me jump fast forward to my latest email to show how many law firms I have emailed – with exactly the same NO REPLY result [except for automated Out Of Office replies]. When one swallow flies in the sky, it is no summer, but when a stupendous flock of swallows fly all together, in exactly the same way and behaviour, it must be summer. Thus, I have, by my series of email actions, practically proved my case. I also have witnesses who will testify. Let me place here the recipients of my last email – I repeat, all 'persuaded' not to take my case or even to email me for further details:

From: Robert HO 
Date: Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 12:27 PM

Subject: Fwd: 10 Downing Street in possible Obstruction & Perversion of Justice, legal advice desperately needed


Cc:,,,, "" , "" ,,,,,,, "" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "", "" , "" , "" , "" , "" , "" ,, "" ,,,,,,, "" , "" ,,, "" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

12. This last email is to the British CROWN PROSECTION SERVICE, the equivalent of our Attorney-General's Chambers and copied to all the previous 'snowballing' email recipients from the newspapers, the British Bar Council, many law firms operated by Queen's Counsels and ordinary lawyers, including many lawyers with Muslim names, whom I deliberately chose hoping that they will have lesser reason to band themselves with White Men's interests. Here, if I may digress, there is a strong Racist Overtone to what happened to me and my family over the last 17 years. I cannot expound too much on this Racist Overtone, so I will just point you to this Wikipedia article on how a Chinese American, Vincent Jen CHIN, was mistaken by two white men as a Japanese, whom they hated for ostensibly 'doing them out of a job by making such superior Japanese goods at low prices' that they beat him to death with baseball bats, calculatedly and premeditatively. That is not the crime, actually. The real crime is that the White Men criminal justice system fined the men just a paltry US$3,000, a lesser penalty than for killing a dog! Please do read to understand what you would otherwise find incomprehensible:

13. To summarise, my son's Masters degree examination grades were deliberately falsified to prevent him from scoring a Distinction, leaving him with a Merit instead. I began a series of email allegations to British newspapers, the august British Bar Council senior officials, law firms of QCs and many Muslim-name lawyers, British Prime Minister Mr David CAMERON, the Crown Prosecution Service, and some 50 email recipients in my regular mass emails, IN EACH EMAIL POINTING TO MY DIGITAL COPY OF MY ALLEGATIONS AND EMAILS ON MY WEBSITE SO NOBODY CAN BE IN ANY DOUBT HOW PUBLICLY I HAVE MADE MY ALLEGATIONS, updating my website each time I sent out another email. I understand that such allegations in my emails, and far more seriously, on my website, if false, opens me to being sued by each and everyone and every government or organisation which I have named by name. To date, I have received no Warning Communication or legal summons for my very serious allegations on my website. THIS, IN ITSELF, CONSTITUTES A PROOF OF MY ALLEGATIONS. I thus welcome any person, newspaper, media of any kind, organisation or government, to mention and even publicise my allegations and website in any manner they choose, without needing to ask or inform me unless they choose to. My name, NRIC, address and phone numbers have all been on my website for years. I stand by every word I write.

AFFIRMED by the abovementioned )
ROBERT HO CHONG at Singapore ) [RH signature here]
this 16th day of July 2010 )

Before me,
[signed by KWOK-CHERN Yew Tee]


1 Apr 2010 – 31 Mar 2011


Swearing before Commissioner for Oaths:

The deponent of this affidavit, (Robert HO Chong), has attended before me on (16th July 2010) at (Singapore), and has informed me that he is the deponent named in this affidavit.

I, (KWOK-CHERN Yew Tee), have inspected
the following identity document of the deponent,
namely, (NRIC S0197974D), and it appears from
such inspection that the deponent who attended before
me is the person named in the identity document and
is also the deponent named in the affidavit.
The deponent of this affidavit has read this affidavit
in my presence, (or I have truly, distinctly and audibly
read the contents of the affidavit and explained the
nature and effect of the exhibits therein referred to, if
any, to him in the English language), and he has
confirmed that he understands the contents of the
same, and has sworn (or affirmed) the truth of the

(signed by KWOK-CHERN Yew Tee)

Commissioner for Oaths

1 Apr 2010 – 31 Mar 2011


Swearing of Exhibit for Affidavit:

This is the SOLE exhibit referred to in the affidavit of [Robert HO Chong] and
sworn/affirmed before me this (16th July 2010).

Before me,

(signed by KWOK-CHERN Yew Tee)

Commissioner for Oaths

1 Apr 2010 – 31 Mar 2011


[ The Exhibit that follows, as described as the SOLE Exhibit in support of my now Sworn Affidavit, is the entire blog posting in: ]