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12 February 2009

Ideas: Improving air travel

Slideable rows of airplane seats
1. Anyone who has flown economy class knows that legroom or the space between seats is a premium. Those who fly regularly also know that often, the plane is not full, especially in the recession now. So, for competitive reasons among airlines, why not consider sliding seats that can be slid forward or backward like car front seats, to create more legroom or space between rows? This could give economy class flyers as much legroom as business or first class. Of course, to preserve business and first class status, economy class passengers would probably not know whether they will have extra legroom until they check in, since this depends on the fullness or otherwise, of the flight. Since there are likely more economy passengers than can be given this extra legroom, this extra legroom can be charged extra at the point of check in upon the request of the passenger, meaning extra revenue for the flight that would otherwise be wasted.

2. Since some flights stopover at various airports along a route, a flight could depart half empty but become full at the next stopover airport en route, so this idea would be a little more complicated for flights that have a stopover in between, but non-stop flights would surely be able to implement this, which would add to the attraction of non-stop flights vs flights with 1 or more stopovers. But flights that stopover can also easily ask all its passengers to disembark from the plane and engineers easily slide the rows of seats back to their original configurations, although this would mean a passenger cannot be charged the extra if the flight does not give him the full extra legroom all the way to his destination.

3. Practically, I had, in an earlier email, discussed a Flexible Interiors Concept for the AirBus A380 but it was probably too ambitious, so never implemented. Today, I would like to suggest that in economy class, just alternate rows of seats in the middle section between aisles be slideable. This would be easy to do because only every alternate row in the middle section of economy class be changed to slideable fastenings onto the floor. Thus, the centre of gravity of the plane and its loads distribution would be little changed by the slidings of these rows.

4. So, just before a flight, engineers would board the plane with simple hydraulic levers, loosen the bolts fastening these slideable rows of seats, and push them forward or backward a foot or so, so that every alternate row of seats in the mid section of the economy class would then enjoy this extra legroom. This would be easy to do and not change the loads distribution of the plane much. At the next stop, whether a stopover airport or final destination airport, other engineers could slide these rows back if desired, also very easily and quickly.

5. Airlines offering this chance of more legroom -- if enough seats are unoccupied -- would thus enjoy a very competitive advantage, and gain much advertising and marketing bragging points. They can even claim or allude that the extra legroom makes for easier and faster evacuation in an emergency, and therefore safer. The extra fee would also be nice in these recessionary times.

Seatback webcam in monitor display

6. There are only a limited number of toilets onboard every plane due to costs but many passengers queue for a toilet for no other reason than to check their hairdo or to comb their hair and smarten up before landing. These passengers can avoid going to the toilet to do these if they have a mirror in front of them, fixed to the back of the seat in front, exactly in the position of the screen display used for watching movies. Glass mirrors cannot be used for safety reasons.

7. So, a tiny webcam and microphone like in most PCs nowadays should be fitted to the movie screen display. This webcam and mike costs little and can be fitted to the next upgrade of the screen monitor, or straightaway for new planes. The development cost is very low. The webcam mike may be too noisy if used, so a better option would be to give a mike built in to the headset currently used for private listening to the movies. This extra mike plus headset costs just a few US dollars.

8. This webcam would operate exactly like any pc webcam. It would show the passenger's face right in the display, like a virtual mirror. The passenger should be able to zoom in or zoom out his image, to better smear on lipstick or study a pimple even. The flight attendants would have given each passenger 2 or more plastic-sealed wet towels to wipe faces with so passengers can wipe their faces with the moist towels to freshen up and then comb their hair nicely at any time without going to the toilet to do these.

9. To further refine this webcam idea, if desired, it is possible to allow a passenger to webcam another passenger, or a flight attendant station, or even the pilot and co-pilots if really necessary. It is a simple matter of programming the code for these additional uses.

10. Another refinement, if desired, is for the flight attendants or security personnel to capture each and every face by their seatback webcam and run these faces in a face-recognition program to see if any face fits that of known and photographed criminals, or terrorists, even. This would require that a webcam can be switched on even without a passenger's knowledge to steal a look. Flight attendants can discourage or disallow passengers to block their webcam with any tape or object, etc. This Big Brother-like surveillance during the flight can be convenient for the crew to look in on any passenger without them knowing. Any suspected criminal or terrorist face can be radio-ed to the nearest ground station for futher confirmation or for more info that the crew can then check on the suspect. Computer programs can do face recognition automatically, without any human or pilot intervention.

10a. The world has witnessed the SARS scare during which thermal scanners were installed at airports to scan faces of arriving passengers for fever or higher temperatures for further checks as to whether they are carrying SARS viruses that may spread into a pandemic. This was followed by the recent bird or avian flu scare. Now, the current scare is swine flu or swine fever. The built-in webcam can also be programmed to, in addition to face recognition, also scan for fever or higher temperatures. Since this can be done many times during a flight, this can catch fevers that develop AFTER boarding the plane and is thus, far more effective. Any passenger thus scanned as having fever could then quickly be isolated or compelled to wear a mask, such as the N95 mask, to prevent or reduce infecting the other passengers and crew, who are all breathing the same [mostly] recycled air, and in close proximity. This would be superior to a hasty scan with a thermal scanner upon landing, since the queues are long and the tired passengers want to clear immigration as soon as possible. Airports will still need to scan, but as a second line of defence, while the onboard scanning on the plane would be the primary, and superior, defence.

Seatback airbag
11. While you are designing the webcam and mike into the seatback monitor display, also consider fitting an airbag into the seatback, around the vicinity of the monitor display or behind it. Like in a car crash, this seatback airbag will blow up in a crash to cushion the impact of the passenger hitting the seatback in front. Car airbags are a proven tech so adapting one for airplane seatbacks is simple and cheap. Airlines that install this can advertise and brag about it.

12. Airbags are light enough for aircraft use since they are just air trapped in a bag which inflates in a crash. However, 1 important difference is that in a car, the blown up airbag can remain blown up but in an airplane crash, the airbag MUST immediately deflate after protecting the passenger, then be immediately pulled back into its cavity by a Retractor. Which can be a simple thin rope or elastic in a recoiler. This is to allow maximum unimpeded space for evacuation since most airplane crashes are followed by fire, even into the cabin.

Collecting luggage at destination airport
13. Currently, you check in your luggage at your departure airport, easily enough with friend, family or porter help [since check in takes place in public space accessible to all], but then have to collect it yourself at your arrival airport's luggage carousel. No one can do it for you since the carousel is situated in restricted airport space. This works well enough for most flyers but there are always some for whom this procedure is difficult.

14. For example, if you are a small-sized woman with heavy luggage, or too old to lug luggage, or too sick to, or suffer from hernia or a bad back, or are handicapped, or are a child unaccompanied by any adult, or simply so rich that you dont want to hassle with waiting at the carousel and dragging your luggage off it, then you need this new service.

15. This new service, which hopefully, will soon come to an airport near you, is to have someone wait and collect your luggage for you at the arrival airport carousel. Even load your luggage into a waiting car, taxi or limo. For a fee. Again, airports offering this will be able to advertise and brag.

16. At your departure airport, you check in your luggage as usual. This is photographed by the usual cheap ubiquitous cameras. Maybe even you, as the luggage owner, is photographed as well. These photos, together with your personal and flight details, are entered into the computer, which then sends a cellphone MMS to the MMS cellphone and/or computer, of the arrival airport's Luggage Porter [LP] service. With the name, flight details and jpgs of the luggages and owner/s, the LP can then easily collect the luggages from the carousel and hold them for collection by the owner/s when they clear Immigration at the arrival airport.

17. In some cases when there is no problem with the possibility of smuggling drugs or other contraband, or when the Immigration & Customs [I & C] has checked the luggages [which should either be left unlocked for this purpose or the number of the combination lock given to the LP] and cleared them, the LP can even load the luggages into the waiting car, taxi, limo, etc, that the owner/s has designated to him. If need be, both can talk on their cellphones to refine the arrangements or make any changes.

18. To expand on Para 16, luggages are usually tagged by barcode stickers [which may also contain RFID tags] after they are checked in, then conveyored to the luggage holding room. In unusual circumstances or a suspected bomb or contraband threat, some suspected luggage may need to be retrieved quickly for further inspection. Currently, with just barcode stickers or even with RFID tags, this is difficult. But this new service would have a jpg of every piece of luggage checked in, together with the owner/s details, so a visual glance should quickly and easily pick out the luggages by their colour, size, make, etc. Thus, for security and operational reasons, this idea would work as well.

19. For this new service to start, LPs would have to be appointed at destination airports. This can be private arrangements or private companies or individuals or groups, not necessarily an airport operation. All that is needed are MMS-capable cellphones. Indeed, as long as you have someone as an LP at your destination airport who can access the carousel, you dont even need any prior arrangement at your boarding airport because you yourself can take jpgs of your luggage, maybe also yourself for easier and quicker identification at the arrival airport [since you will be wearing the same clothes, etc], and MMS these jpgs together with your flight details, this should work fine. You can either pay the LP when you arrive or even have your meet and greet people pay him first. Best of all, once there is an LP at your destination airport, you can always phone him to make any further or unusual arrangements. Since this LP is a local and works in the airport, he can even help you with queries and info, if you are new to the airport and environs. It can be a very useful full porter service besides luggage.

20. Thus, now you need not hurry through I & C to retrieve your luggage from the carousel. You can shop, eat, or do whatever you want, secure in the knowledge that the LP has your luggage and in communication with you at any time.







09 February 2009

Idea: What if America never was?

1. In normal times, change is almost impossible. Everybody continues in the same mental and physical rut or groove of daily grind. In severe crises like this one threatening the very existence of America, everything is changeable and everything is being rethinked. So this may be a good time to consider what is right and wrong with America so the good can be retained while the bad discarded or modified.

2. The usual, understood, disclaimers of me being a non-expert in everything, apply. Everything I write is only for further thought and discussion and, of course, the usual intellectual entertainment which seems to be my biggest contribution to the human race -- I am essentially a blogger, albeit with a big readership.

3. We roughly know what the world is today. Suppose America never existed, or were vanquished by the Germans in WW2.

4. It is likely then, that today, I would not be able to Google Earth to see the rooftop of my maid's home in Purwerkerto, Java. Indeed, I would probably not have a pc at all. Or the Internet. Of course, there would be computers, but only a few expensive big ones owned by govts, militaries and big business.

5. There would be satellites, but fewer, and again, owned and operated by the same. Maybe some satellite tv but much, much, smaller in scale. I would not have GPS on my cellphone; indeed, I would not have a cellphone at all.

6. In short, a far poorer world.

7. America can be credited with much of modern life. All those things mentioned above that exist now, exist thanks to America. But why?

8. Firstly, America is very rich, with all its advantages. This comes partly by having the sole right to issue the world's reserve currency after the WW2 Bretton Woods agreement, so it can print unlimited dollars to pay for whatever it wants. But more importantly, it is capitalist.

9. Being capitalist, the economy is organised around companies that are owned and funded by selling shares to many, while management is by professional managers. There is fierce competition among companies, and all strive for profits and growth in order to reward the shareholders so they continue to hold shares and others buy more. The legislative and legal systems enforce fair competition and this rule of law ensures an orderly practice of commerce and dispute resolutions. The legal system is so well established generally, that even a citizen or group can take out class action lawsuits against even the govt or big business, which hardly happens elsewhere.

10. It is this combination of happy circumstances that I get my Google Earth, internet, cellphone and GPS, etc. Since in this capitalist system, big business is more important than the govt, and the govt does not set directions or force directions onto the economy, which thus can go in a million different directions as long as they lead to profit and shareholders approval. This system is so fertile to new ideas, concepts, projects, processes and R&D of products and services that America is singlehandedly responsible for much of the world's modern life and way of living, from skyscrapers, surburbia life, shopping malls, jumbo jets, nuclear power plants, tv and all its myriad shows, news gathering and propagation, PCs and internet -- a plethora of inventions in itself, cellphones and their rapid developments -- almost everything modern. Future historians studying the fossil record of our last few decades would probably describe this era as an 'explosion' of innovations, inventions and creativity never before seen in human history. It is this capacity for innovation and ferment of creativity that will pull America out of crisis, if nothing else will.

11. It is because business is more important than the govt in America that even its military gets its toys from private companies contracting for profit, whether battle tanks, missiles, ICBMs, radars, nuclear bombs, or military satellites and space shuttles. And because big business invents and develops all these, much of these technologies leak into civilian use, to the benefit of the world, like GPS, which started as a military tech. The openness and transparency of America helps leak these military tech into civilian tech. So, today, you can buy a walky-talky good enough for military use. Or a ham radio to listen in on even police communications. Or a satellite phone useable deep in Amazonian jungle, first developed for military use.

12. Thus, this investors-company profit-based relationship created enormous innovations and inventions, which free and open competition between companies sharpened and made much more efficient, widespread and cheap enough for everybody to own and use. This kind of drive is what made America great and put it forefront in almost every modern development. There is only 1 drawback, chasing profits does not always result in the best products and services for America or the world. So we have Botox injections and breast implants while malaria and cholera still remain. We give Nobel Prizes for fluorescent mice while our energy needs remain dire and pollution threatens to poison our Earth and us.

13. Could we have just a little more directed R&D? Like the military specifying what kind of missiles it wants? The military always gets what it wants by contracting private firms so if America could define and contract for green energy or whatever, it should get them too, given the genius of the American systems, and the whole world would be grateful. It may be profitable, too, although it must be remembered that often, the govt [military] has to fund projects that fail and are eventually scrapped at great loss. So the profit motive may not be enough to get green energy or any other worthwhile tech. Knowing this weakness in the capitalist American system can mean that the contracts and the firms be chosen such that the full energies of the American systems can be unleashed to solve all the world's problems. I think it is a matter of setting directions, funding, and ensuring a good profit during and after successful developments.

14. This direction into new techs may be strategically sound, too, given that the Japanese, Koreans, even Chinese, are fast undercutting older techs such as car making. The new techs such as pc, internet, cellphones, gps and their related techs such as broadband and wireless are clearly dominated by American companies with the rest of the world trailing far behind. So it makes sense to do what you do best rather than compete in what you cannot do well or cheaper. However, it is too early to give up jumbo jets even as Airbus is proving such a strong competitor. Is there a contract for new jets for the military that could become civilian or dual-use?

15. Thus, an economic strategy for the OBAMA administration could be the setting of directions for certain new techs such as green energy. First, Pres OBAMA and govt could set the direction, then talk up the interest in these directions through speeches, papers and seminars, among academics, PhD students, researchers, companies and investors. All these to reduce govt spending and to set the herd stampeding in the chosen direction. Then, the govt could fund some key projects just like its military fund projects to ensure that key projects get done. This may result in new techs even as the US loses in older tech. Generally, it is unwise to set too many directions lest the economy becomes a command or guided economy, all of which have proven inefficient and wasteful. Going off in a million different directions chasing profits is still the best economic system. But setting and pushing in just a few key directions would be legitimate and unharmful like Pres KENNEDY's goal to put a man on the moon. He made great speeches, fired up the imaginations and efforts of his country and organised and funded the key projects and the result was success, new techs and a man on the moon.

16. While the capitalist system, as practised by America, underpinned by its freedoms, openness and transparency, and buttressed by its rule of law and orderly developments, all have resulted in unprecedented progress, all along, there have been poor and homeless people. Even as a small minority, they blight America's achievements and undermine its human rights record. Here, more must be done even if it means welfare cheques leading to higher taxes. Socialism or whatever it is called is just a label, a term. So is capitalism just a label or term. Pres OBAMA has the opportunity to define a new label or term and reconstruct an economy and a society that is fairer to all, put a roof over every head, food on every table, medical care for every sick, schooling for every child, care for every aged and handicapped. This will need great speeches, leadership, clear directions, unwavering commitment, sense of purpose, but even if only half could be achieved, Pres OBAMA will earn a high place in American history. There needs to be a Martin Luther KING and Pres Abe LINCOLN campaign for the poor, who no less deserve this drive than negro slaves deserved to be emancipated. A new Abolitionist effort is needed, an effort to abolish poverty. The Chinese word for "Crisis" is made up of "Danger" and "Opportunity". Pres OBAMA has an Opportunity like never before.


"AMERICA is an economic system,
organised around companies that are owned and funded by selling shares to many, while management is by professional managers, with fierce competition at every level among companies all striving for profits and growth in order to reward the shareholders so they continue to hold shares and others buy more,
underpinned by legislative and legal systems that enforce fair competition,
upon a bedrock of a rule of law, freedoms, openness and transparency that ensures an orderly practice of commerce and dispute resolutions,
such that this investors-company profit-based relationship has created much of the world we know, especially the recent world."

If the above quote is correct, and it is a fundamental truth that every American instinctively knows even if he cannot articulate it, then this may explain why the instinctive, immediate response to the developing crisis by both the BUSH and OBAMA administrations is to bail out banks and other companies. Not just because they are 'too big to fail' but more because THEY ARE THE HEART OF THE ENTIRE AMERICA. This owning of companies by many shareholders capitalising these professionally managed companies for dividends and share price growth, IS America. Economists have offered very different remedies to the crisis but this is not just an economic crisis. It is THE crisis of America -- the way it works, has always worked, its most basic assumptions, and its long success and triumphs, all define America so much so that no politician or President can act otherwise. Pres OBAMA may or may not succeed with the Stimulus, but he is as much trapped by the need to save something so fundamental that it is beyond politics, beyond everything else, as evidenced also by the behaviour of BUSH or any other member of Congress. Thus, the bailouts and the stimulus are an instinct, a reflex, and about as right or wrong as instinctive reflexes can be. If this is understood, then all debates within or across the aisles can then be more intelligent, because a better understanding of what is at stake, and what is really being proposed, for what is the real crisis, can then happen.

04 February 2009

LIE KY scratched my car S$2800 to repair

[click photos to enlarge]

1. For the past 15 years, LIE KY LHL WKS got their ISD secret police to hurt me physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, psychologically as much as a watching but silent world would stand for. For 15 years, I did not get a full night's sleep, since sleep deprivation is their principal form of torture. I got as much or as little sleep as they allowed, night after night, operating from the flat above mine, first in Block 203 in Bukit Batok, a 5-room HDB, and now in Guilin View condo Block 28 on the 20th floor [me ; they operate on the 21st].

2. In addition, my entire flat, car and everywhere I go, even overseas on holidays, we are 'televised' 'live' 24/7 to all those who know where to find the live feed. This total deprivation of privacy adds to the fear, trauma and siege I feel. Those privileged to watch my 'reality show' and working in the media are encouraged to allude to everything I do or say, to add to the sense of all-enveloping siege and helplessness. The world went along and kept silent on this spectacle.

3. LIE KY did this as a publicity stunt to make himself famous, and to get to talk to Presidents CLINTON and BUSH on a regular basis, with me as the talking points. He could do all this blatantly for so long because he got these 2 Presidents to not only go along, but to participate as co-criminals, since every single act they committed on me and family are criminal. With these 2 powerful American Presidents on his side as co-criminals, the whole world kept silent even if disapproving. After all, if the Americans, famous through recent history as the defender of human rights and democracy, liberty and freedom, go along, it must be all right, isn't it?

4. Some of the more vicious criminal attacks include feeding me shit in my chai tow kway [carrot cake] in Westmall foodcourt by ordering the cook to put it in from their pre-prepared pack; poisoning me, my young son and little niece many times with lab-prepared virulent flu virus that made us sick for weeks; acute constipation numerous times on me and my little niece so bad I bled red bloody stools and she cried in school from the pain and had me fetch her home crying; attempts to make me shit in my pants in public which I averted only through superhuman effort to run to the toilet; plus others I have documented in the soc.culture.singapore forum where a search will find most of them [search for Robert Ho and RH: as these 2 terms will call up almost all of my postings]. In order to vary this reality show to amuse CLINTON, BUSH and their cronies around the world, LIE KY LHL WKS also had me arrested and/or incarcerated in IMH several times, all televised live, of course, to amuse the Americans, whom LIE KY was fixedly self-aggrandising to.

5. In addition, my entire life history and that of my family were given wholesale to any who wanted it and any unsavoury aspects of me and my family were repeated ad nauseum to humiliate me and to degrade me as much as possible. LIE KY abused his influence and friendship with CLINTON and BUSH, who gave him 100% support and encouragement and co-participation, to bend as many of the world's media, from news medias to tv serial makers in Hollywood, Hongkong and South Korea, and film makers from the same, to humiliate me by repeating ad nauseum the same degrading attacks LIE KY has been fomenting. LIE KY's home ground media in Singapore, needless to say, were 1,000% pushing the same degrading attacks.

6. Not just allusions in the media, but actual social ostracism and outcasting me and my family. Every shop or shopping mall I frequent, LIE KY LHL WKS and their ISD would get their agents to fan out to talk to every possible salesman or woman to tell them every degrading gossip about me and my family, true or not, including the lie that I or my family shoplift. This social isolation and outcasting made me very traumatic and uncomfortable every shop I go to because every sales staff would have a bad opinion of me and even pass remarks within my hearing, which added to my sense of distress and deep isolation. LIE KY agents also directed Hokkien swear words AT me every time I go out, to compound the distress. At home, I am constantly reminded of the total hostility enveloping me, by aggressive bangs on my ceiling, car honking and motorcyles revving loudly to distress me plus various hostile noises to create a total, all-surround atmosphere of all-out hostility. I am an outcast by deliberate govt campaign. The Americans and the watching world, including the previous and present Popes, went silently along, such is the power and influence of the American Presidents. Of course, they made sure I could not work all these years so I have no income. So my parents both died without enjoying any money from me since I have no income. I am kept by my wife, which lowers my status to everybody including my wife and son.

7. Not just keeping me awake for hours at a time or waking me after just a few hours of sleep, LIE KY LHL WKS and their ISD deliberately vandalised several thousand dollars worth of my home assets, from DVD players to fax machines to printers to aircons to fridge to washing machine to light bulbs to their favourite, my computers. My computers are totally under their control and surveillance and my hard disks have been vandalised and my data lost forever. They even delete files which I only get to realise later, unrecoverable since they also delete the back up DVDR disc.

8. Acting as killjoy and vandal, they smeared shit on my wife's car innumerable times when I get to drive, so I always have to clean the shit. They have also punctured our tyres many times, scratched our previous car many times in the carpark of Guilin View knowing the patrolling security guards and condo manager can do nothing even if spotted. Even bent our front car licence plate into a U requiring a new plate. They communicated to me in the usual ways that they would vandalise our new car -- even before we got the car, just after we signed the sale agreement with Borneo Motors for our new Altis. So, this Jan 27 new vicious, deep scratch from end to end on both sides of the car was simply their carrying out their threats. It will cost S$2,800 to repaint the 7 car panels, which have to be removed for repair.

9. Other threats they have communicated to me include numerous death and injury threats to me and my son [in London, where they have many agents, possibly some pretending to study with him in the London School of Economics]. He is studying in LSE because Cambridge and Oxford universities rejected his application to study for political reasons [at least one classmate got in with worse results], on the orders of BLAIR, BUSH and LIE KY. Worse, my son's British A Level results were falsified lower. He had achieved all As but his examination board, Edexcel, falsely lowered his English and Chinese from A to B. All because years ago, I had written that LIE KY's stupid and incompetent education policy of bilingualism produced several generations of Singaporeans who are "half past six in English and half past six in Chinese". LIE KY had also falsified my son's Primary School Leaving Examination so that he could not apply to Raffles Institution Gifted Education Programme [GEP] so he had to enter the Anglo-Chinese Independent's Gifted Programme, where he was so good, he won academic prizes from Secondary 2-4, including First In Standard and 9 A1s in O Level, thus proving he should have been with the elites in RI because 9 A1s or better are rare even in RI GEP. LIE KY took especial glee from victimising my son thus because his children and grandchildren are nowhere as good as my son. All through 15 years and still ongoing. With clear threats to continue forever.

9a. My son was in kindergarten when this 15-year long persecution of me by social, mental, physical, emotional and psychological methods, began. At first, he was probably unaffected, especially in his first 3 years in a nondescript neighbourhood Primary school, Bukit View Primary School from Pr 1-3. He was second in standard all 3 years and together with the first in standard, won a place in the Primary Gifted Education Programme [GEP] in the premier Primary school of Nanyang Primary, where Ministers and MPs children attend. Thus, in Pr 4 in Nanyang G.E.P, he was immediately surrounded by politics because the teachers, principals and even some elite students, all knew what was being done to me and my son, as my son, could not have been unaffected, esp in such a tiny islet city.

9b. He took his Primary School Leaving Exam at Pr 6 and had his results amended lower by LIE KY so he could not qualify for the elite Raffles Institution Secondary School Gifted Programme where all the future leaders and future scholarships scholars are. So he got into Anglo Chinese Secondary Independent School Gifted Programme whereupon he proved to be at/near the top by winning academic honours in subjects, First in Standard [Gifted] and 9 A1s in O level, from Sec 2-4.

9c. But ACS [I] is also quite an elite school where most parents are rich and even MPs, and by then, my notoriety was island-wide, so my son, unknowingly [still till now], was surrounded by somewhat hostile teachers, principals, even some well-connected students who knew about what LIE KY was doing to me. One teacher I met in school at a Parent-Teacher meet even alluded to me, confirming he knew. So did the Principal when he applied a test by a British school specially for my son when he was applying overseas.

9d. One reason why my son may have wanted to study A levels overseas may be because of the strained and even hostile atmosphere surrounding him, although he does not know [still]. Thus, LIE KY, who is still revered as a god, and whom everyone knew was backed to the hilt by the almighty Americans with their equally saintly reputations, can do no wrong so I must be the villain and my son suffered accordingly for being my son.

9e. My son was accepted into Concord College in Shrewsbury. Most students are foreigners, mostly Asian and many Chinese from Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and China, THUS THE STANDARD OF SCHOLARSHIP WAS ALWAYS HIGH IN CONCORD, as Chinese and Asian students are always hardworking and the ones who study overseas are often very good as well. Although the students came from different countries and qualifying certificates, my son's 9 A1s must have been the best Concord ever had. If you check Concord's standing in the A levels in Britain, it ranks among the top 20 or so every year in A level results, because of its foreign [Chinese] students. AND MY SON WAS THE BEST OF THE BEST THERE.

9f. And if you check the number of Concord students who get into Cambridge and Oxford universities every year, you will find that at least half a dozen succeed. So my son, as the best of the best in Concord, would have succeeded, too, IF NOT FOR POLITICAL REASONS, namely BLAIR, BUSH and LIE KY playing gods to fuck me and my son. Who, through no fault of his, and still unknowing of the injustice and harm done to him, to this day suffers forever the stigma of not being good enough for OxBridge.

9g. As further indication of my son's abilities, by his second year exam in London School of Economics & Political Science, he had already won enough distinctions to qualify for First Class Honours, all distinction A1s except for 1 subject in First Year exam which the Paper Setter had incompetently set with too little time to complete the exam paper in full, so my son and many other students had insufficient time to finish the questions, in my son's case, about 2 Questions, otherwise this solitary blemish of a non-distinction should have been a distinction, too, making every single subject taken a distinction in both Years [LSE does not moderate the students' results so the grievous error remains].

9h. My son does not talk much to me, since the 15 year victimisation, outcasting and social ostracism of me means I could not work and so seem useless while my wife goes to work every day to bring home a good salary and buys him his computers while I do nothing. Even get arrested, which is a shame to him. But in a casual remark, he mentioned to me that a former classmate of his in Concord was studying in Cambridge and his results were worse than my son's. So, more proof my son was denied a place in OxBridge for political reasons.

9i. You can deny all you want but the Truth is clear. You are all politicians and all spin and all damage control mode now. But please don't ever say my son was not good enough for OxBridge. Or that Edexcel exam board did not reduce his English and Chinese grades from A to B for politiical reasons to fuck me and my son.

10. And what did I do to deserve all this unending deliberate govt-fomented hatred, from the most powerful govts in the world against the most helpless 24/7 watched man? Just 100% truthful emails like this one. I only started this emailing in the last few years. Before that, I did nothing, could do nothing. It was so one-sided for the first decade that I had no way to fight back and so unending and totally enveloping surrounding me 24/7 at home and everywhere I went, including malls and even overseas holidays, that I contemplated suicide. Then, I thought that if I was prepared to die, why not take them with me? And so, I emailed. And they prosecuted and persecuted even harder, including like this deep, vicious scratch of my wife's brand new car. All for some emailings. Do not believe them when they pretend to be the victims! They started all this and still refuse to stop. From Day 1, they knew they were committing crimes, innumerable crimes, many times daily, so they took care to spin and spin. Pretending to be the victim is just one of their pathetic spins, which, by having his agents act out, they convince THEM I am the one at fault. Spin, politicians do little else.