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27 March 2009

Math+Science types inferior to Lit+Lang types

RH: "The corrupt, nepotic, dishonest, lying, unscrupulous, usurper, election-rigging criminal LIE KY made yet another stupid, fatal mistake decades ago when he channeled the best and brightest into Math and Science, and made the best of these M&S scholars into Ministers. You see, M&S lack subtlety unlike Lit and Lang. M&S is always, inevitably, wholly right or wholly wrong, no two ways about it. Simplistic. 1 + 1 is always = 2. No in-betweens. No doubts. No infinite gradations of Truth and Meaning like in Lit and Lang. In L&L, right may sometimes be wrong. Sometimes neither. Sometimes both. Like humans, human nature and society. Language is also the basis of thought meaning that M&S types think poorly and simplistically, in blacks and whites while humanity is one huge spectrum of intermixed colours. His stupid bilingual policies also resulted in the vast majority of Singaporeans being semi-lingual in both, thus resulting in a total inability to think. Thus, by choosing only M&S scholars for Ministers and all top govt posts, LIE KY ensured stupidity all round, which is why Singapore is what it is today, a totally stupid govt and country. In no other country is this stupid choice of Ministers and top bureaucrats so pronounced. This explains why our Ministers and top civil servants cannot think, cannot reason, cannot empathise. Let alone communicate intelligently or blog. While our best bloggers, the serious sociopolitical ones who spellbind their readers day after day, week after week, prove so clearly they make far better Ministers, with their acuity of vision, empathy for Singaporeans and brilliant analyses of why and where the stupid LIE KY and his LIEgime have gone so fatally wrong. Yet, instead of being grateful for all this free advice, they are threatened because LIE KY is infallible and therefore, any criticism must be sedition. In Singapore, LIE KY is God, all-powerful and thus can mould this tiny city any way he wants. With his stupidity and belief in M&S types, he has set Singapore back decades and it will take the next govt decades more to reverse this greatest stupidification of a country in mankind's history, that only the great and infallible LIE KY can commit. This is one of his most enduring legacies and the stupid elites you see everywhere owe entirely to his stupidity."

[Added 26 Oct 2011]

1. Today being Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, perhaps I can shine a little candle into the thick fog of Ministerial mores.

2. LIE KY has long championed 'meritocracy' and, as usual with all his pretensions, this Big Lie is backed to the hilt by his ubiquitous medias that can reach into every mind, plus an entire govt machinery of 15 full Ministries each headed by full Ministers, Senior Ministers of State, etc, Second Ministers in many Ministries, topped with an entire Cabinet of PM, MM, SMs and several Ministers without Portfolios, all to manage a tiny islet of 700 sq km or 230 sq miles, population 5m, to 'manage' the hapless population any which way he wants, backed by laws allowing detention without charge, trial or reason. The word "Overgovernment" comes to mind.

3. It has to be remembered that to LIE KY, 'meritocracy' means his meritorious FamiLEE comes first, right on top of everybody else. After this FamiLEE, then a strict Mandarinate is chosen, less on merit and more on political calculations such as "Is this person loyal, obedient, dependable and most importantly, WILL NEVER OUTSHINE LET ALONE ASPIRE OR THREATEN THE POSTS HELD BY THE FamiLEE?"

4. Like our Indian festival of Deepavali, LIE KY also borrowed another Indian practice, that of Caste. His system is a Caste System. His FamiLEE are Brahmins, top of the tops in his Caste System. Then comes his handpicked Ministerial elites, who form the Next Caste. Then his PAP MPs. Then the professionals, among these the traditional elites like lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, etc. Then the rest, non-grads, who don't matter whether they live or die or struggle in despair. These don't matter. They are, as LIE KY is wont to say, "digits". Mere cogs in the wheels of his Great Machine, his Great System. His Caste System. Like any machine, it must be efficient, as efficient as possible. But its purposes, its reason for existence, are not to serve Singaporeans, or Mankind, or anything. His Machine exists to serve HIS interests, for his interests are the interests of the country. What is good for him MUST be good for the country. Since we are on India, during a state visit to India decades ago, he saw a bit of blood in his stools one morning and was so alarmed he cancelled his entire state visit to rush home, not trusting Indian doctors, only to be informed it was just "piles". LIE KY IS Singapore, make no mistake. What is good for LIE KY MUST be good for Singapore. Having said that, since this islet is so tiny, what is good for LIE KY, such as clean and sufficient water, clean air, a reasonably litter-free city and well-laid out streets and standardised buildings, are also 'enjoyed' by the "lesser mortals" as well. If LIE KY lived in a Washington DC, he would not have given a damn for all these 'clean city' stuff as long as his Washington DC is clean. Never mind the people. "I do what I think best, never mind what the people think." Famous words.

5. Having lied the Big Lie about Meritocracy, when he is really about building a rigid Caste System, because Caste Systems are the most stable societies humans ever devised, because nobody, not one, can jump from one caste to another, so Caste Systems are very stable. By instituting a Caste System, LIE KY Brahmin FamiLEE will always remain at the apex of the society, of the country. There can be no jumping into his caste. Very stable. It is good for LIE KY and his FamiLEE, so must be good for Singapore. Everyone knows his place and most importantly, the place of his FamiLEE at the apex of everything. The Upper Caste. Imperious. Regal. Royalty. Birthrights as in a Caste System. Too bad an albino and an autist happened. This totally ruined his Caste System pretensions and perhaps, forced him to be less rigid about castes.

6. Now that we are clear about this fundamental arrangement of Singapore society, we can examine the Mandarinate. The Mandarinate is important to Singapore because of an explanation LIE KY made in a public speech decades ago. He said that he admired ancient China's Mandarinate System because it diverted all the intelligent and intellectuals of China's vast millions into years and years of fruitless study into fine arts like essay writing, literature, poetry, calligraphy and art SO THAT THEY COULD NOT REVOLT OR EVEN AGITATE FOR RIGHTS OR CHANGES TO THE SYSTEM. By diverting the best and ablest into years of study into fine arts, China Emperors could not be threatened. Even though only a handful became the coveted Mandarins to serve the Imperial Court, thousands and thousands studied for years and years with nothing to show for it. But they were all 'occupied' so could not scheme or aspire to overthrow the Emperor.

7. This is important. Study, meaning Education, is not important for its own sakes. It is to keep the ablest 'occupied' so they will not criticise the Emperor or his minions, let alone aspire to overthrow him. This was why China was so stable. Like India when it practised its Caste System. EVERY MEASURE AND POLICY IS CRAFTED FOR STABILITY. STABILITY MEANS NEVER, NEVER, OVERTHROWING THE EMPEROR. Not even criticise him. LIE KY knows he has made numerous mistakes, huge mistakes, that will collapse Singapore BUT HE WILL NOT ALLOW HIMSELF TO BE CRITICISED. He is literally ABOVE CRITICISM. Even a dozen snailmail letters to the Amerikan Embassy very slightly critical of his policies begets 20 years of vendetta even though the writer is confirmed mad when he wrote those and never would have written had he been sane, since at that time, he was still, like everybody, worshipful of the Great LIE KY.

8. Since the Mandarinate in LIE KY Caste System is as important as ancient China Mandarinate, we have to discuss it. Its key feature is the years of study. In ancient China, these were fine arts. In a modern city, it had to be Math & Science [long identified by Dutchman Economic Advisor Albert WINSEMIUS, who advised LIE KY from 1961-1984] as important subjects for economic development. However, remember that no subject/s are important to LIE KY. They are just to keep the ablest studying years hoping for a Mandarin job. So, with typical, ruthless, EFFICIENCY, LIE KY set about making ALL his ablest students into Math & Science robots.

9. Here, let me rant about Math & Science. These are probably the MOST ARTIFICIAL subjects Mankind can ever study. In Math, the problems are very, very, carefully crafted such that THERE IS ONLY ONE CORRECT ANSWER AND ALL THE DATA YOU NEED TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION IS RIGHT IN THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM. Ha100. Can anything be more stupid? First, you devise a Math or Science question such that there can only be ONE correct answer. Then you supply all the data needed to answer that question. You do not even give 1 or 2 extra [wrong or irrelevant] data to confuse the student. Can anything be more artificial and stupid? It gets worse. The teachers always teach to the test, meaning that they teach the Most Efficient Method to get the correct answer, and this is usually by rote. So the teachers make you memorise a rigid series of steps to get the correct answer, fastest, which you MUST obediently follow, else you are marked wrong as 'not solving the problem in the correct or approved way'. All these are backed by diligently doing endless 10-year series of Model Answers to Model Questions. The entire teaching of Math & Science is artificial and fake. Any wonder why even Math grads like 2A1B cannot think [he got his Math degree by DOING EXACTLY, OBEDIENTLY, WHAT HIS PROFESSOR WANTED, TO EXAM QUESTIONS HIS PROFESSOR HAD ALREADY TAUGHT HIM TO ANSWER]. Thinking was never required or practised. You memorise a set of steps and ALWAYS get the correct answer to questions carefully devised to produce only one correct answer to which only the few datas needed to answer the question are given, not even 1 extra or irrelevant data. Ha100. In the Arts & Humanities, they are not so stupid. Because essay writing is required and there are fewer required data that MUST ALL BE USED to produce the one correct answer, Arts & Humanities students have to think, often critically, and there may be several correct answers depending on how you reason and argue. Thus, although the same teaching methodologies are used in Math & Science as in Arts & Humanities, the latter tend to produce better thinkers, which, after all, is the very purpose of Education.

10. LIE KY likes Math & Science types. Because they always got higher marks than Arts & Humanities types. Obviously. You can score 100/100 marks in Math but are lucky to get 90/100 in an Arts & Humanities subject. So LIE KY thought Math & Science types are smarter than Arts & Humanities types. Ha5. Worse, by surrounding himself with Math & Science types and staffing ALL his top jobs in his entire Mandarinate of Cabinet, Civil Service and even top GLC companies, he doomed Singapore. Worse, Math & Science types are obedient and 'technical' and never argued with him. Technocrats, he called them, ha50. So the entire govt became unthinking 'technocrats', not one of whom can think, ha50. This suited LIE KY because people who cannot think cannot out-argue him. These 'technocrats', to a man, became the most rigid followers of his LEEisms. If you cannot think, you cannot think up alternatives. If you have no alternatives, then you can only follow LEEisms to the hilt, to the letter, because you cannot see anything wrong with them, since you cannot see alternatives. Since LIE KY only wanted Implementors, not Originators, this suited him fine. Very, very, fine. This is why Singapore will collapse. Singapore is a rudderless ship heading into storms and icebergs because its captain and first officers can only continue to sail straight ahead, without the slightest inclination or thought that maybe, just maybe, heading straight may be disastrous. For the 'technocrats' Implementors, in Cabinet as well as entire civil service and GLCs, it is far easier to keep doing the same old things than to question them. If you question a policy, you must have a reason at least, and an alternative. These mean thinking and, as we have discussed, THE ENTIRE GOVT IS RUDDERLESS AND CANNOT THINK. Our many able bloggers have long proven this. Worse, LIE KY is a fearsome man to question, let alone criticise and cross. He and his ISD will commit every single crime they feel like, to hurt you and your families, just to punish YOU for your criticism. LIE KY is a god, "HE WHO CANNOT BE CRITICISED".

11. Thus, this tiny islet city of Singapore, whose every top job is staffed by a Math & Science type, must collapse. Its top people find that, after leaving school, Reality is totally different from Math & Science school questions. In Reality, there can be many [confusing] answers, not just one clean answer. Worse, there may be NO correct answer at all. Even worse, the datas needed to answer the question are not given in the question itself, ha5. There may be thousands of data, most of them irrelevant. Worse, some of the datas that may have a bearing on the answer are unobtainable or do not exist, ha5. So this Math & Science 'technocratic' elite FLOUNDER. They do not know what to do. So they don't do. Meaning they don't do anything. Entire careers in the Cabinet and Ministries are spent shuffling papers, chairing meetings, and looking busy. At the highest hourly pay rates in the world, in history. Ha1! This explains the rigid hold of LEEisms in this tiny islet. Nobody, repeat, nobody, can think or even argue against a wrong policy, even when everybody can see its flaws. Cannot think, so cannot do. So just keep upholding every single LEEism as infallible. This posturing of Infallibility is assiduously cultivated by LIE KY to burnish his image as Infallible and Prescient, who can see over the horizon like a modern radar and who can forecast trends if not even events [lampooned as 'fortune teller', ha5].

12. There are many, many, many, things wrong with Singapore and they are all LIE KY faults. He rigged so many elections from 1959 to now [voted out by landslide in his next GE in 1963 after 1959 but turned it into a landslide win by creating a 6-hour power blackout around the City Hall Vote Counting Centre during which he changed the votes; his election cheating in Cheng San GRC 1997 was witnessed by my acquaintance and his lawyer friend, who has his own law firm in Singapore] that he long had no fear of losing elections and so settled into a comfortable routine of raking in >$100m pa from his Ministerial salaries [with 4 bonuses a year] + several directorships + most of govt and GLC legal works diverted to his law firm of Lee&Lee, etc. These are only the known takings arising from his top job and its connections and influences. Nobody, repeat, nobody, knows how much monies he has been taking from unknown sources all these decades. His income tax returns are not forwarded in digital format. They are all done with pen and paper and locked in steel cabinets in IRAS to which only a few top officers of IRAS has access. Nobody, repeat, nobody, knows his total takings in the most profitable public job in the world, in history. He is probably the richest multi-billionaire in the world, in history. He does it all for money, then some glory. But countries do not collapse overnight. Amerika was looking good and extremely successful right up to the moment Lehman Bros fell. After that, Amerika is still falling but have not yet collapsed. Singapore has just started to fall and will take time to complete its collapse. In both Amerika and Singapore case, the single most important reason for collapse is moral vice. It is strange that an old-fashioned, biblical or Confucian concept can collapse modern economies and societies but once corruption begins at the top, its example spawns and distorts every act downwards until, in the end, the entire system is distorted by one man at the top, and then collapse happens.

13. This has been my Deepavali Message, also titled "A Critique From Pure Reason". Thank you for reading. I hope I have lit a candle in the overarching fog.