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04 August 2007


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Aug 4, 2007
MM may write third volume of memoirs
By Peh Shing Huei

MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew may write a third volume of his autobiography.

In response to Insight's e-mail queries, he wrote: 'If I live long enough and have enough energy for several hours a night to write up my thoughts, I may write to cover the big events since 2000, such as Muslim fundamentalists and terrorism, the different world order and balance with the emergence of China and India, and the opportunities and challenges these developments pose to Asean and Singapore, and how Singapore can adjust to this globalised world.'

Mr Lee has published two best-selling volumes. The first, The Singapore Story, on his younger days and pre-Independence struggles, came out in 1998. The second, From Third World To First, tracing Singapore's transformation, hit the bookstores in 2000.

His memoirs are among the first by politicians here. Since then, a growing pool of Mr Lee's comrades, as well as adversaries, are also penning their life stories.

He had welcomed the effort in a letter to The Straits Times Forum page two weeks ago. [RH: Pasted below in its pristine originality so that the world can see for themselves how cunningly he puts up a false front while his actual 'hidden' meaning IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE WRITES, AS USUAL, TYPICAL VINTAGE LIE KUAN YEW. I only need to point out in just a few new paragraphs, numbered 53 to 60 below to point out his signature TOTAL DISHONESTY, the hallmark of his character, so total it is not just a character defect, but his whole character altogether].

He tells Insight that 'unless they do so, historians will not have much corroborative material from principal actors of that period when studying the past.'

And if there are differing accounts, it is not a great problem. 'We each will have supporting evidence and researchers can decide where the truth lies,' he said.

While the National Archives reveals that it has about 830 hours of interviews with key players of Singapore history since 1979, autobiographies are making a belated appearance here.

Insight documents the trend.



LIE Kuan Yew's first and only letter to the Straits Times Letters Page. As for WHY he wrote this groundbreaking letter, see my new paragraphs 53 to 60.

(From ST Forum, July 17, 2007,
July 17, 2007
MPs should tell it like it is when writing memoirs

I READ ST, July 11th 2007, the views of Dr Chiang Hai Ding and former PAP MPs on their writing of their memoirs .

They would refresh their memories if they read up old written materials, speeches, press cuttings, notes, letters and photos. It is worth the effort.

MPs are important actors in determining Singapore's history. I encourage all MPs, including those who opposed the PAP, to give their accounts of the past.

They will give a multi-dimensional view of past events and provide richness and texture to the story.

World War II accounts, whether in books, on TV or on film, that draw on sources from all parties, the Allies, Germans, Russians and Japanese, make fascinating reading because they give a three-dimensional depth to past events.

When writing memoirs, you are talking to posterity. Among them will be historians who will check what you write against the accounts of others. So do not shade the past.

I read Chin Peng's memoirs in English and the Plen's (Fang Chuang Pi) unfinished memoirs in Chinese.

I respected Chin Peng, so I asked to see him when he was in Singapore.

However, the Plen was a disappointment. He avoided the facts. Chin Peng did not.

Lee Kuan Yew
Minister Mentor


Pt 5: Some recent lies by PAP govt, led by Liar KY, of course

53. In the just-below Paragraphs 41 to 45, I have pointed out LIE Kuan Yew's first and only letter to the press. He has had such total power and control over everybody and everything in Singapore, especially the media, that he had hitherto never had any problem [note singular] having everything his way. Editors and reporters know exactly what to write and what not to write, having been helmed by ex-Ministers and ex-ISD chiefs till today, so the loyalty to LIE and his famiLEE firstly, and to Singapore's national interests distantly, are so famously, if apologetically termed "self censorship".

54. So why couldn't LIE get his way this time? Why did he have to resort to the unimaginable, unthinkable [even just a short few years ago] resort of having to write to his blowjob media as just a letter-writer, albeit official MM titled? Ah, this is a reflection of how times have changed. More accurately, it is not so much TIME that has changed [since he held sway so rigidly since 1959 without the slightest let up in all those decades] but EVENTS that have changed. Meaning the Internet. The Internet has shoved a new Age of Truth and Honesty upon the whole world, more powerfully in closed, dictatorships like LIE's than in the more open Advanced Countries, where Truth and Honesty have been widespread.

55. And with this Internet Age of Truth and Honesty upon Singapore, LIE has no longer the same total grip of his PAP peoples' minds. He knew that many of his very own PAP MPs and, to a much lesser extent, his own Ministers [who are bribed and corrupted with plum retirement jobs after leaving the Cabinet so they wouldn't talk] are now more likely to write more freely, which is a lot more freely than he wants. In the process of writing THEIR memoirs, if they are honest, they will contradict most of his versions of events. LIE is in a dilemma. He could not contact each and every one of these intending memoir writers to warn them to toe the official version line, obviously. He doesn't even know who would write, and therefore, who to frighten into toeing the official line. THUS, THE ONLY WAY TO REACH THESE INTENDING MEMOIR-WRITERS IS A PUBLIC LETTER IN THE STRAITS TIMES. He could have his ISD surveil every single one of these people, as the ISD still reports to him personally and loyally. But this is getting complicated and some will slip through the net.

56. So he was forced to write an unprecedented, totally unusual, public letter to the Straits Times. I have pointed out how the letter is signature LIE. If you read it without knowing him, you would be totally fooled, which is the idea. However, all those intending memoir-writer would instantly know what he means, no mistake. Read his letter again with my explanation in mind. First, read it like any ordinary letter, and be fooled. Then read it like you are one of the former PAP MPs intending to write your version of memoir. Then you feel the fear. The same fear that LIE has so ruthlessly instilled into every single mind in Singapore.

57. If LIE is so enamoured of the Truth his very own PAP people may write, then he should release all the non-critical public documents that his govt is still hiding from public view. Even though all these secret documents have already been compiled with his interests and lies in mind in the first place, some may point to the truths his regime has hidden for so long. So if LIE is serious about HELPING his own PAP people write better memoirs, more accurate memoirs, then he should make all non-critical documents available to them for their research and memoir writing. To make this point even more irresistible, LIE need not open it like other countries Freedom Of Information Acts. Just give permission for the memoir writers to access these hidden files and documents. LIE actually has little to lose. He has censored every document since 1959 and there is little truth left to uncover.

58. We have been, for so long, living lives of LIES. From little lies to huge, whopping lies like the 'Marxist CONspiracy'. LIE has perfected not only Fearocracy, but also Govt By Lies. The 2 go hand in hand. Worse, lying has become a way of life for every single institution in the city state. From the courts and judicial apparatus, who write lying verdicts to frame and imprison innocents, who may just be some Falungong practitioners, to political opponents like JBJ and Dr CHEE. To the civil service, police, HDB, MOM [varnished unemployment statistics], etc.

59. LIE's famous media is necessarily a huge part of this Govt By Lies. Just a note: His media not only publishes his lies but ALSO MAKE HIM LOOK FAR BETTER THAN HE REALLY IS. In other words, the editorial blowjobs are not just to print his lies but to embellish them, sometimes to totally fake the news. Examples: LIE, during some of his National Day Rally Speeches, would go off the ghost-written speech and speak off the cuff on some matters that he suddenly thinks of during the speech. When these ill-thought out remarks are embarrassing, ONLY THE OFFICIAL VERSION OF THE SPEECH IS PRINTED THE NEXT DAY, USUALLY WORD FOR WORD. In reported versions of the speech, all the embarrassing remarks are edited out. This way, LIE looks far better than he actually is. More intelligent. More perspicacious. Genius.

60. LHL, in one speech, made a small gaffe when he tried to be colloquial, in saying "mee siam, mai hum". When the editors realised this gaffe, they quickly, without him even knowing this blowjob, changed it to "mee siam, mai HIAM" which would not be a gaffe. This was true to Straits Times blowjob tradition practised since 1959. But this time, the Internet Age of Truth and Honesty quickly pointed this out and podcasts proved exactly what he said. It is getting harder and harder to blowjob and lie, with the Internet. But in many other ways, the blowjob media continue to make the LIEs look far better than they are. Embellishing here and there. Writing fake letters to the media, like the PAP members are now busily writing comments to blogs. All a vast effort to restrain the rising tide of Truth and Honesty that threatens to wash away regimes that depend on LIEs.


Pt 4: Some recent lies by PAP govt, led by Liar KY, of course

41. Since this 'very private email' to a tiny group [<50 recipients] deals largely with LIE KY lies and the lies of his PAP govt, I shall include LIE KY's latest lie, published recently in his favourite blowjob media, The Straits Times, which is followed closely by the free Today, even though the latter has slightly better pretensions, but the LKY blowjobbers are too numerous there as well.

42. In The Straits Times Letters Page, LIE KY wrote, "They would refresh their memories if they read up old written materials, speeches, press cuttings, notes, letters and photos. It is worth the effort." This important paragraph coming immediately after the short, obligatory, introduction most letters have to begin with, says it all. For the full letter, click on:


44. "old written materials, speeches, press cuttings, notes, letters and photos" means practically all the public material LIE KY has controlled since 1959, all the rest having been censored and suppressed or deleted or not even compiled or printed anywhere. Thus, with this admonition to his MPs and any others, LIE KY is attempting to continue to force only his version of history on the world. Since LIE KY has controlled his media and govt from 1959, with such tight control that today, at least 90% of any widely available source materials are favourable to him, and only about 10% are inadvertent facts and figures that could not be censored out of existence.

45. You wouldn't know that from reading his letter. If you read his letter, it seems that he is a decent, honourable, honest, statesman mentor who is guiding his lessers to writing better memoirs. His letter is instructive and typical. It conforms to his pattern of saying one thing while doing another. It underlines his paranoid determination to be seen as a decent, honourable, honest, statesman mentor, worthy of the love, admiration and respect of the world, and not just Singapore. It is such a convincing act that the stupid former PM Thatcher wrote gushingly in his memoir "He is always right." How could the world be so fooled? For the answer, read the new book by Rodney KING, 500 pages, available from And the others by Francis SEOW, CHEE Soon Juan, etc.

46. When you read those books, almost all of which are directly or indirectly the products of the Internet era, which has birthed a new Age of Truth and Honesty, you see a different man. A LIE KY who betrayed his PAP leader, LIM Chin Siong, whom he once introduced to a dignitary as the "next PM of Singapore" and manoeuvred the British PM Harold MacMillan into arresting him and all his majority faction in the PAP so that LIE KY could then take over LIM's position and party, by promising to serve British interests in a way LIM would not. Proving totally unscrupulous. LIE KY is a billionaire but till today, he cannot afford a single scruple. Because scruples have to be paid for in ethical and moral currency, of which LIE hasn't any.

47. Lying in court is perjury, a very serious jailable offence. But lying in Parliament? Ah, LIE has done plenty, there. For example, during the HPL scandal, when it inevitably became public, LIE KY and LHL admitted that they both bought many units of multimillion luxury condos in Nassim Jade and Scott 28, together with many of their family and relatives, at huge, illegal discounts, FOR INVESTMENT PURPOSES. For "investments" can only mean one thing: buy low, sell high. This means that to make a profit, which is the meaning of "investment", they must have known the purchase price AFTER DISCOUNTS, AND WHAT THE MARKET PRICE WAS. So as to turn a profit by selling shortly after buying, that is, speculating in property, or holding onto longer in the hope of profiting even more later.

48. Yet, both men claimed they didn't know they had been given discounts. Believable? The whole purpose of the exercise was to make profits, that is, "for investment", yet they claimed they didn't know the discounted and market prices and the difference. LIE KY's daughter, who bought 2 units, immediately sold 1 for a huge profit. This is documented in Singaporeans For Democracy, now taken offline by LKY sympathisers. Money is never enough, it seems. Greed is self-feeding and never stops growing.

49. But if the MPs toe the line and write only the LIE KY version of history, they would be doing themselves and their descendants a disservice. The Internet has produced a new Age of Truth and Honesty. Lies are quickly exposed and publicised, no matter how carefully spun. It is almost impossible to lie and get away with it. This is something LIE KY doesn't seem to understand. He does not understand the dynamics of the Internet. And none of his cronies seem to dare to tell him so. Perhaps, they, too, don't understand the dynamics of the Internet.

50. There is a simpler explanation, perhaps. His Cabinet cronies, all handpicked by him to be blowjobbers, cannot think. This is not surprising. LIE KY's so-called "meritocracy" has always been just an empty, nice-sounding, impressive, slogan, like all the others. The Cabinet is just another rubber stamp, like Parliament. Packed with men and women who cannot think or reason through an issue. This inability to think and reason, coupled with the imperious manner in which LIE KY conducts himself, his peremptory and often insulting putdowns of even his own Ministers and MPs for less than intelligent positions or utterances, [often this means only that they do not agree with him fully and trying to be slightly different, for various reasons] result in an obsequious pandering to the Great Man, fawning on his every utterance, in short, blowjobbing.

51. LIE also maintains such strict discipline and the Parliamentary Whip that there has never been a minister or MP who disagreed publicly on an agenda pushed by LIE KY or LHL. This lemming-like single front means that once the Great Man has articulated a position, nobody dares to intimate otherwise. So, when he is wrong, nobody dares tell him so either. That is why it takes the Great Man so long to reverse a mistake. In the case of the Stop At 2 population-control policy, in which women were forced to sterilise themselves to qualify for HDB flats, LIE took about a decade to reverse it while the South Koreans, who had a similar policy, democratically debated and reversed it in just a few years.

52. LKY's claim to greatness is that his methods work. The ends justify the means. Do whatever it takes [to achieve your goal]. Forget scruples, like his Judge Sinnathuray told TAN Wah Piow, "Forget justice!" when trying him on framed charges. LIE KY calls it "Pragmatism". What is Pragmatism? It is NOT a Principle but a TOTAL ABSENCE OF PRINCIPLES. Just like the term, "colourless" is NOT a colour but a total ABSENCE of colour. Like an albino is NOT a white man but a man totally WITHOUT colour. Thus Pragmatism is not some principle or other. Or an ideology. It is the ABSENCE OF, principles, ideology, ideals, etc. It is a NOTHING. It is an EMPTYNESS, a VOID. The total absence of principles thus justifying anything you want to do, any crime you want to commit. Thus, Pragmatism cannot justify any policy or action. It is an euphemism, at best. It is an excuse for the most evil of actions and the worst excesses you may want to commit. Instructively, Pragmatism is often held up as the guiding philosophy of the PAP and Singapore. Any wonder why the PAP and Singapore and its people are so EMPTY? We are a void.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robert HO <>
Date: Jul 18, 2007 5:12 PM
Subject: Pt 3: Some recent lies by PAP govt, led by Liar KY, of course

29. Further to Paragraph 15, in which I briefly mentioned the political prisoner Mr CHAN Hock Hua being beaten to death, there is indirect proof of this. Mr CHAN died in 1978. LKY got his doctors to fake his death as "liver cancer" although Amnesty International found indications that he died from a "lacerated liver" from beatings and direct assaults to his body organs. However, the Amnesty International reports embarrassed LKY and it is probable that his ISD then toned down their beatings of political prisoners.

30. So, by 1987/8, when the now infamous so-called "Marxist CONspiracy" saw LKY arresting a total of 22 totally innocent men and women, mostly Roman Catholics, social workers and even theatre professionals [LKY is paranoid about film and theatre exposing his carefully built-up image because these can], the beatings were largely meted out by the open hand rather than closed fists, as reported by victim lawyer Ms TANG Fong Har. LKY had also by then, totally consolidated his grip on the island and so the whole charade was a simple 'Cultural Revolution' [which he once described in positive terms] to continue his reign of terror and to maintain his 'fearocracy' in the fearful minds of a new generation.

31. LKY is a Cambridge-trained lawyer. He is also a thug. Of his early political prisoners, he jailed and tortured them and practically threw away the keys. Mr CHIA Thye Poh was jailed 32 years without trial. Dr LIM Hock Siew did 20 years. Mr Said ZAHARI did 17 years. As for the rest of the 130 political prisoners jailed in Operation Coldstore, little is known because LKY controlled to this day, the release of facts and figures.

32. Today in LKY's ISD prisons, from what little LKY allows us to know, most are Malays. They are alleged to be terrorists. Just like the 1987/8 22 arrestees were "marxists out to overthrow LKY by violence". [LKY used the term "marxists" because he dared not use "communists" as by then, he was angling for, maybe had bought, China atom bombs and better relations]. Arresting Malays in this time of history, given the US, UK and even Western preoccupation with Islamic terrorism, is another useful political ploy for LKY and LHL. Singapore is surrounded by 224 million Indonesians, predominantly Malay, plus, even nearer, just a kilometre away, Malaysia, with 27 million people, majority Malays. LKY's little island has 4.5 million people, mostly Chinese.

33. With the US and other Western powers becoming more clearheaded about Muslims, becoming slightly better at differentiating Muslim jihadists from the Indonesian and Malaysian Malays, and even beginning to forge better ties with both, LKY clearly has a vested interest in portraying Indonesians and Malaysians, and thus, Malays, as Terrorists. He cannot arrest Indonesian or Malaysian Malays into his ISD prisons because that would cause international rows and glaring publicity. So he arrests his own Malays, hoping the stupid Americans, British and other Westerners would not know the difference. In truth, Singapore Malays are very close to their Indonesian and Malaysian cousins, so this is a clever move. By arresting his own Malays, no international embarrassments will happen, no need to justify to other countries. So the Malays in LKY's ISD prisons serve to reinforce the impression that Malays = terrorists = Indonesians and Malaysians = bad, even dangerous jihadists. So stay away from Malaysia and Indonesia because they are mostly Malays. So stay in the embrace of LKY LHL PAP because we are Chinese and totally opposed to Malays and will further your interests in subjugating them.

34. Of course, LKY also uses his ISD on critics and dissidents. When they are not busy staging elaborate theatricals involving Roman Catholics or Malays. In truth, LKY is so overwhelmingly in control of his little city that nothing can even move in the breeze without him knowing it. It takes a lot of taxpayers monies but then LKY is not paying for it. I have estimated that there are only about 5,000 HDB blocks housing 85% of the population, the richer ones living in private properties. Thus, it is very easy to put a ISD family in every one of the 5,000 blocks, which all have central telephone and internet access points, thus very easy to monitor all communications. Also, Through The Wall Surveillance Equipment [Google] allows the ISD to look into and monitor every flat. Also, police families are given priority by the HDB and this ensures that every single block has at least 1 police family.

35. LKY treats different critics and dissidents differently. For those critics who succeed in drawing blood [this means merely that they managed to paint him in a truthful but negative light], he is the most vindictive and venomous person alive. He will pursue you to the ends of the earth and give you no rest. For you have succeeded in reducing his god-like, saint-like image so carefully and painstakingly put together since 1959. Thus, Mr Jeyaretnam was sued more times than I can count, bankrupted, sacked from Parliament seats he rightfully won with the peoples' mandates. Mr TANG Liang Hong is similarly bankrupted and driven into self exile by kangaroo courts, like in Mr Jeyeratnam's cases. So, too, Mr Francis SEOW, exiled in America. There, LKY sent his ISD to hound Mr SEOW and once, even triumphantly showed photos of Mr SEOW with a causasian woman, to his rubber stamp Parliament, which LKY's ISD and expensive PIs took. What that proves, I don't know, except that LKY is the most vindictive and venomous person alive. Dr CHEE Soon Juan is the current recipient of LKY's attention and kangaroo court injustices.

36. But if you took care to criticise but not draw blood, you could even be invited to tea. That is, if you criticised only govt policies and took great care not to offend LKY's thin-skinned sensitivity. This is not surprising. LKY's pretended 'meritocracy' had always been just another of his scams. So it does not matter who he puts into his Cabinet or Parliament, since he is not interested in having the best and brightest in Cabinet or Parliament. Both are just rubber stamps. As one foreign author wrote, it is all "thinly disguised rule by decree". Since it does not matter who sits in the Cabinet or Parliament Rubber Stamps, LKY thus plays to his whims and ego.

37. If you have wounded him, drew blood, by bloodying his image, he hates you with all the ferocity of a castrated animal. He will never let you off. He will hound you to the ends of the earth, to the end of your life. But if you took care to mildly criticise his policies only, while praising him lavishly while doing so, he may invite you into Cabinet or Parliament. This is because he has far too many blowjobbers already, having encouraged them since 1959. Thus blowjobs from the Straits Times are a daily occurrence, same from all the other media, same from the 15,000 PAP members who often write, disguised, to the media, same from all the various branches of govt and the civil service, same for all the govt companies controlling some 60% of the economy, same even for foreign publications and media. Thus he gets more than enough blowjobs from everybody. So it not longer feels good.

38. So if you are smart and ambitious, you play his game. You lavish praise on LKY while gently CRITICISING some unimportant policies. That gets his notice. He notices you. If you have the right basic qualifications, and are lucky enough to teach him something, you get called to tea, maybe even Cabinet or Parliament. One example was the case of CHAN Heng Chee. LKY had just suffered a huge "swing" in votes after a general election. It heralded the beginning of the end of his total grip on power. LKY characteristically scolded the voters, accusing them of 'brinkmanship' in voting opposition. Then CHAN wrote an article in the Straits Times pointing out that it was LKY who was playing brinkmanship with the voters by arrogantly instituting several unpopular policies just before the elections. As he was wont to do, always pushing his luck and expecting to be loved even when acting against the voters. LKY knew she was right. He had learned something. So she became Ambassador to US. Thereafter, LIE never introduced unpopular polices just before elections. Instead, he gave every voter big sums of money, called by various guises, just before elections and that is continued to this day.

39. Many clever writers know this. They know that blowjobbing LKY doesn't get them anywhere because the whole country is doing it. So the trick is to criticise gently on some unimportant policy while lavishing praise on LKY. That gets noticed and sometimes rewarded with a Cabinet post or Parliament seat. But why does LKY do this? Ah, when a man has money and power unlimited, what else does he want? He wants to be proven right. He wants to have critics grovelling to him on bended knees, in effect, recanting their past criticisms of him, to now say that he was right all along, which means that he was never wrong, cannot be wrong, which by their action in joining him proves it all. Thus, it is all ego play and more arrogance and conceit. Satisfying egoistic whims. So satisfying and orgasmic.

40. And that is one of the many reasons why LKY is not the man he has so painstakingly portrayed himself to be. It is one of the reasons why Singapore is not what it seems to be. It is like the film, "Matrix". All illusions. A brilliant and consistent PR project since 1959 that would have succeeded were it not for a new social, political, economic and technological wonder called the Internet. Rodney KING has written a 500-page tome exposing much of this PR publicity stunt, so brilliantly executed and consistently developed over so many decades. Which would have succeeded were it not for the new Age of Honesty and Truth the Internet has ushered in.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robert HO <>
Date: Jul 17, 2007 4:44 PM
Subject: Pt 2: Some recent lies by PAP govt, led by Liar KY, of course

17. Further to Paragraph 2, I have written about how brutal LKY LHL PAP politicians are in writing brutal laws [laws are made by politicians, who are invariably corrupt, self-serving, self-righteous, dishonest and even stupid. Law is not one of the better inventions of humankind, obviously, and particularly so in the case of despotic dictators like LKY] in which the poor victim was caned an extra 3 strokes. His offence? All the PAP media are very careful to publish the official PAP govt very vague version: "abetting an illegal moneylender to harass a debtor". The PAP media did not check, ask or elaborate on this very vague but somehow, seemingly very 'serious crime' phrase.

18. If you are born and raised here, and know the PAP media's role in always portraying LKY LHL PAP in the best possible light and always careful to minimise any potential negative publicity, you would have noticed that the PAP media did not say that the poor young man had used violence or any threats whatsoever. If he had, this would have been clearly reported by the PAP media. The fact that through several iterations of the news story in several PAP media, all could only cite the same "abetting an illegal moneylender to harass a debtor" means that the poor 20 year-old was probably only trying to ask the debtor to pay up. He did not use violence or threaten violence, hence the PAP media could not publish it as that. So, the carefully worded phrase means simply that the poor victim was simply trying to collect a debt, which is legal, [debt collection is a legal industry used by many financial institutions] for which the brutal LKY LHL PAP system sentenced him to 9 months jail and 5 strokes of the cane. Laws are made by politicians, and they are invariably corrupt, self-righteous, self-serving, dishonest and often, even vicious, especially in LKY's utopia paradise.

19. Yesterday in Parliament, Law Minister and DPM Jayakumar lied again, not the first time he has been caught lying, [are there penalties for lying in Parliament? If so, LKY would have much to answer for, since he habitually lies even in Parliament] that the poor overcaned victim's letter to his parents about being wrongly caned 3 extra strokes, which he wrote shortly after the wrongful caning, was not sent and probably destroyed by the Prison Police. Why not let the poor victim take the lie detector test as he asks for? That would prove who is lying. It is shameful that a Law Minister would lie in Parliament. It is perjury. But Hitler LKY is right. The bigger the lie, the easier to believe. If some Opposition Parties can afford a lie detector, together with the services of an expert, this could allow many aggrieved victims of LKY LHL PAP crimes to surface the truth. I would certainly volunteer to take the test on all of my allegations, especially the one in my blog [see below] about LKY rigging the 1997 Cheng San GRC election to cheat Mr Jeyaretnam and his colleagues out of a win of 5 Parliamentary seats, with the salaries, stature, dignity, respect, that go with it, over the entire 5-year term.

20. Further to Paragraph 11, I have mentioned that Singapore's hyped up PR image as an excellent medical city benefits only the rich few, mostly the famiLEE and PAP cronies shareholders of private hospitals, some doctors, some tourism facilities like hotels, even the govt hospitals [which are allowed to take in rich paying foreign patients as well] which thus therefore reduce their services to local patients who cannot pay the amounts rich foreign patients pay -- for example, foreign and local patients who pay the full rates get appointments earlier and wait shorter times to see these govt hospital doctors while the 'subsidised' [another much abused PAP term but I cannot write on this today, just Google for "market subsidy HDB" to see how the English language has been abused in Singapore] patients wait many months for appointments and usually wait half a day to see the doctors [huge shortage due to poor planning and policies], who are very hardpressed and stressed accordingly, which is efficient, profitable, but lower standards tremendously. People do die or are maimed by medical mistakes but we never get to know or read about them in our 154th ranked media, almost at the bottom of the world's media ranked for honesty and truth. See:

21. The ongoing dengue epidemic has also thrown into public relief the dire shortage of hospital beds. The occupancy rates are in the 90s%, which is crisis level, and many patients are discharged long before they recover fully, and doctors are reported to daily beg patients to leave, even before they are ready. Rich foreign patents are thus being put back to health while our citizens are jeopardised, both in health and money terms. Rich foreign patients are allowed to stay as long as they like [as long as they pay] in order to maintain Singapore's hype as a medical hub. You cannot shortchange or ask to leave, someone who can pay, period. Money is king in PAP Singapore. LKY never antagonises money. He has no qualms about "managing the peoples' expectations" however, so that they cannot expect free lunches, free or even 'subsidised' medical care, or anything, etc.

22. There is also the issue of who gets the blood and organs. In Singapore, there are several organ transplants every week or so. Rich foreign patients [374,000 in 2005 or >1,000 a day] have no problems getting all the organs and blood they need to be put back to health but locals are another matter. Rich foreign patients simply pay and they get. Locals, as proven yet again in the poor widower's case in which his wife bled to death after delivering twins, have to donate blood for every unit their family members get in transfusion. I have long known this policy from my own personal experience with govt hospitals.

23. While rich foreign patients simply pay and they get organs and blood, citizens wait 6-8 years for an organ. Many die before they get one. I have written in my blog about how, if LKY needed an organ, he would get one immediately, while commoners die during the 6-8 year wait. Indicative of how the entire country exists for the pleasure and benefits of one man and his family, relatives and cronies, LKY's wife had the honour of having a huge SIA jumbo jet outfitted into a flying hospital, with medical consultants and equipment, to whisk her back from London because the British medical system is not advanced enough to treat her stroke, despite former British PM Blair forcing a British hospital to allow her to jump queue on the strenuous string-pulling protestations of LKY and his ambassador to Britain. Over the waiting queue of British citizens. If LKY can do that to British citizen queues, what more in Singapore, over whose every citizen, LKY has the power of life and death, jobs and happiness? Any doubt that LKY and his famiLEE will get their organs and blood even if it deprives you of your life? The cost of jet fuel to London and back is probably at least a quarter million. The cost of chartering a jumbo to London and back is probably at least half a million. The cost of crew and medical consultants, and the off-time to remove sections of seats to fit the beds and medical equipment, etc, and to refit them all back, is probably hundreds of thousands. In all, the exercise must have cost SIA well over a million. Expensive blowjob.

24. LKY did not need to use an ordinary flying ambulance service because SIA and the Singapore medical service were ever so eager to please him. And what better way to show exemplary service to blowjob him than to outfit a public listed company jumbo for the service of one aged woman? Who is not even a public official? Thus, there is no doubt that if LKY or his aged family and relatives need an organ, they will get it over the long waiting list of commoners, many of whom will die before they get one. In Singapore, because once LKY sets the example, his cronies will automatically get the same privileges. This means that between LKY and his family, relatives and cronies; and the rich foreign patients, all getting organs immediately [after all, a rich foreign patient who phones up from overseas for an organ transplant cannot be made to wait, can he?], the citizens of Singapore are more likely to die first and have THEIR own organs harvested for foreigners than to have one to enable them to stay alive! You won't find the Straits Times or Today or any other PAP newspapers and media publishing any hint of these unspoken policies to treat the Royal FamiLEE and Relatives and Cronies first in all instances.

25. Recently, there was an ugly case in which the desperate need for organs was spotlighted. A family had a young man patient who was declared brain dead by doctors in a govt hospital. His family swore that they saw signs of life still, probably hand movements and twitching, etc, and pleaded with the doctors not to switch off the life support equipment but to wait another day, all very understandable and human, which is unimportant in materialistic moneyed PAP Singapore that believes that this is the only reality and the only life possible and that after death, there is nothing, so no need to consider anything other than the here and now. The hospital got 9 policemen to restrain the family while hospital staff ran off with the body out the back door. Probably, a very rich foreign patient was waiting. Or one of LKY's famiLEE or relatives. I cannot imagine this being done for a local, 'subsidised' patient. For more, click on:

26. There is another aspect to PAP Singapore. This is one whereby if a commoner has an altercation with the govt or govt company or even a big, private company, the commoner is always in the wrong, never in the right. This is part of the LKY LHL PAP policy of commoners never having any rights, none whatsoever, while LKY LHL PAP and cronies have more than equal rights and they are accorded treatment by all as "princelings", an apt term used by bloggers to describe the LEE family, relatives and cronies system of special privileges.

27. An example of this was a recent complaint by a woman passenger against her taxi driver [from a govt taxi company]. She had asked to be dropped off at Ngee Ann City Shopping Mall in Orchard Road. He asked her to get down at the bus stop opposite the drop off lobby. She refused. He refused. She then asked to be driven to the Land Transport Authority office a few km away. There, she reported to an LTA officer who immediately, automatically, said she was wrong and the govt taxi company right. She then wrote to higher officers in LTA who then confirmed she was right to insist the taxi driver drop her off at her drop off lobby. What this proves is that in any dispute between an ordinary person and the govt, a govt company or even a big, famous private company, the ordinary person has no rights in Singapore.

28. Although this is stupid because we are all ordinary citizens most times [except the Royal FamiLEE and cronies] and should be careful to protect our rights when other ordinary citizens complain, LKY LHL PAP have so engineered society that the ordinary person has absolutely no rights whatsoever. And this is believed by most and shrugged off. Thus, Singaporeans are constantly abused and taken advantage of and lied to, all without complaint or protest. It is a sad reflection of a population that has otherwise so much intelligence, ability, knowledge, understanding, literacy, etc. We are socially engineered mice. Under the LKY LHL PAP system, we have no rights. We are mice.

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From: Robert HO <>
Date: Jul 16, 2007 5:36 PM
Subject: Pt 1: Some recent lies by PAP govt, led by Liar KY, of course

1. Of late, there have been quite a few whopping lies told by the PAP govt, led by, of course, Liar KY, the MM. [He lies so ably that the chocolate doesn't melt in his mouth, only in his hands].

2. The first was the poor prisoner [jailed and caned for some simple loan sharking, which is another shocking indictment of the primitive nature of the politicians' brutality in making such laws] who was caned 8 strokes instead of the judge-ordered 5. Follow the stories here:

3. At first, the prison authorities, the police and the PAP govt all insisted that the poor prisoner victim had no less than 3 chances to protest this mistake of additional strokes but didn't. This is unbelievable as each stroke is so painful it splits the buttock skin usually leaving a permanent scar. Who would knowingly take 1 extra cane let alone 3? The whip lashing is so ferocious that the genitals have to be blocked and protected from being accidentally hit [while the victim is strapped naked to the frame] otherwise very serious injury will result, including the entire genitals being cut off.

4. The PAP police and govt kept insisting, and the Straits Times kept publishing as usual, without checking, that he had no less than 3 occasions to protest the mistake, but didn't. "The bigger the lie, the easier to believe -- Hitler". So, the PAPs kept saying the victim kept quiet on no less than 3 occasions, not just 1, which made it sound so 3 times more convincing.

5. Then the victim's mother, in frustration at her son being portrayed a liar in addition to being wronged, insisted that her son be given a lie detector test to prove he was telling the truth and the PAP govt is lying [as usual]. The PAP govt stopped insisting on the 3 convincing lies and asked the family to settle for money talks [still ongoing].

6. If the mother had not insisted her son be given a lie detector test, we would all have believed the Straits Times and believed that her son was stupid enough to take 3 extra strokes without protesting. On 3 different occasions.

7. Also recently, another victim was portrayed by the PAP and Straits Times as a liar. This case involved a pregnant woman who went to a hospital to deliver, then bled to death. Read more here:

8. After she delivered twins, she continued bleeding. The doctors ordered extra blood units for transfusion but this was disallowed by the hospital managers [as all extra blood units must be authorised by hospital managers in a stupid policy written by stupid policymakers]. Worse, the husband was told by hospital staff clearly that until he gets enough people to donate blood, his wife wouldn't be given extra blood transfusions. So he desperately SMSed and got 200 family and friends on a Sunday to turn up at the Blood Bank, only to find it shut as they were too early, and the staff within refused to open the doors any earlier. The poor man and his 200 relatives must have been panic-stricken, desperate, frustrated at this bureaucracy so common in Singapore. Meanwhile, his wife bled to death.

9. The Straits Times, in its earlier reports, threw in so many unpronounceable medical terms that no one, not even most doctors, knew what she died of. This is easily explained. Singapore is hyped as the most medically advanced city in the world or something like that. Remember that Liar KY has controlled every release of facts and figures since 1959 when he seized power and so it follows that there now exists only a huge body of false knowledge, 90% positive for Liar KY, that we have access to. Even the 10% negative news of Liar KY and his PAP govt is obtained only through inadvertent release or by the occasional well-researched book by some academic and therefore remains in obscure academia rather than common knowledge. So take it that almost everything you know about Liar KY and his PAP are all positive. Negative news and facts and figures have long been suppressed and censored. They don't exist.

10. An example is the recent decision of the Ministry of Manpower to stop giving statistics separating citizen unemployment figures from PR unemployment figures. Because the unemployment figures for citizens were embarrassing, it was stopped. The new figures give only unemployment figures for Residents, which combines Citizens and PRs. Hey presto! The unemployment figures for Residents is less embarrassing. So once again, Liar KY and his PAP look good. Every time LKY looks good, the Truth doesn't. Worse, sometimes the numbers include Foreign Workers so the numbers look even better because foreign workers, once they lose their jobs, are deported, and so this brings down dramatically, the unemployment figures. Check the MOM website to confirm what I have written. Or call them or email them. I have a bad habit of always telling the Truth, being somewhat unable to lie. A character defect. LKY has a venomous hatred of being negatively portrayed and he resorts to torture to stop it. That is why I am still suffering nightly sleep deprivation, a deliberate tactic to reduce my immune system so I develop a cancer or some other fatal disease as a result of reduced immunity. That is why for months now, it is not just nightly sleep deprivation to reduce my immunity, but also a sharp pain in my nerve in my right upper arm so bad I have lost the use of my right arm in certain positions. Simply cannot move or carry things in certain positions. Anyway, I have a compulsion for the Truth and shall continue. This is the only way I keep up my morale, my sanity and my immunity system. If I had not done this during 15 years of torture and mental and psychological stress and abuse, I would have died by now.

11. The Straits Times is always anxious to lie for Liar KY and his PAP. By lying that the patient died from some 'bureaucratoxicolosis' or other, Singapore's reputation as the best medical city in the world remains intact and thus, more rich foreign patients will come here for treatment and some will get rich from this, though not the common man and woman who will suffer the inevitable higher medical costs, shortage of affordable hospital beds, even lose priority for supplies like blood and organs for transplants, none of which are provided by these rich foreign patients, who only buy their blood and organs while we have to donate them, forcibly in the case of organs. It is precisely the fact that foreign patients can buy their blood from hospitals that resulted in the stupid rule that caused the Singaporean woman to bleed to death. Clearly, blood is always in short supply. Rich patients do not give blood as they can pay for it. So local patients like the poor woman and her husband were denied blood by hospital managers in order to conserve it for rich and other patients. If she were given all the blood she needed, the blood stocks may be insufficient for another patient, probably a rich foreign patient, and this would collapse Singapore's false reputation as the best medical hub in the world. So the policy for hospital managers to authorise any 'excess' requirements, in this poor woman's case, it was clearly refused, unless the husband was lying. From my analysis, the hospital, the govt and the Straits Times are lying. Since they are all hyping the agenda that Singapore is the best medical hub in the world.

12. The lying by the hospital, govt, Straits Times is expertly done. For several times now, the hospital had its PR person, a doctor, to write rebuttals to the media on what happened. We are told that she suffered some 'whatever' or other and would have bled to death no matter how much blood was transfused to her. It seems quite medical. Quite possible. But remember the joke that "lawyers' mistakes hang, while doctors' mistakes are buried". We will never know. But even if the woman would have bled to death anyway, no matter what, this still does not absolve the hospital managers from not giving her all the blood available to save her life. The 2 issues are separate. Just because she would have bled to death anyway doesn't mean it is right to refuse to give her all the blood available.

13. There were other excuses. The Straits Times published copiously about how the Blood Bank would always provide blood for emergencies 24/7 though it is open only during office hours and so the poor husband and 200 relatives should not have been told that his wife would only get blood if they donated theirs first. So some doctor and other staff gave the husband the wrong advice and instruction. Or was it the right one, at that time, now falsified?

14. I said the lying was expertly done. I surmised this from the fact that all the several replies from the hospital came from the one single doctor PR person. She never quoted higher management nor did any higher hospital authority even made a squeak of noise on the issue, a serious issue in which a woman bled to death under their care in dubious circumstances. Why did no higher hospital authority speak up? All are keeping a guilty silence. They are probably guilty.

15. It is easy for a higher manager to simply tell a PR officer to 'deal with it' and wash his/her hands off the matter. Very convenient if guilty. It is very easy to tell half-truths or even whole lies to the PR officer so that she will do a good and convincing job of fooling the public, in turn. If the PR officer really thinks the truth is on the side of her hospital, she will indeed do a good job of convincing the world. Thus, she could have been told half-truths or even whole lies. The silence of the higher hospital authorities and the govt must be deemed guilty. The govt is involved because this is a case of possible manslaughter. Death by negligence is manslaughter and despite the bad press for Singapore as the best medical hub in the world, the govt must pursue this to the end. If only to appease the soul of the dead woman. Here, I must add that LKY LHL PAP have acted and proceeded as though this is the only reality and the only life possible and that there is no afterlife or survival of the soul. This belief and assumption allow LKY LHL PAP to act in a totally materialistic manner as if this life is all we've got and there is nothing after. They thus act totally materialistically and put all their eggs in this one basket, to scheme, connive, commit crimes, beat to death [Mr CHAN Hock Hua by LKY's ISD], etc, believing that once they die, they do not have to answer for their actions in this world. What if they are wrong? They will have all eternity to regret.

16. Lying once or twice is all right. Every politician does it. But LKY goes further than simple lying. Since 1959, he has built an artificial reality of himself and Singapore, all through controlled release of facts and figures. So this is the only reality we know of him and Singapore. It is not one we all feel at ease with, because it is one big lie. Like his memoirs. Recently declassified British documents prove that he sold himself to the British so that Harold MacMillan would make him PM by decimating the popular LIM Chin Siong majority faction entirely by arresting them under the ISA. LKY not only bought his PMship by serving British interests, nowadays he serves US interests, even acting against China's interests to do so. His whole life and career is a lie. He is a lie.